Welcome to Archon, we are in our 40th year.
Masquerade Stage Layout

The Archon Masquerade Stage has been designed by costumers for costumers!

As a result, it boasts costumer friendly, easy to climb stairs and flexible stage entrance. The 36 by 12 foot performance area allows you plenty of room to show off your costume. Backstage there is an entrance ramp and separate exit stairs for the stage. The ramp allows for wheelchair access to the stage while the stairs are made up of 4 foot by 6 foot steps rising in 9 inch increments. Masquerade staff will also be on hand to aid you in climbing or descending the ramp and stairs. Once on stage, you can enter the performance area through the left or right entrance or, the curtains can be pushed aside allowing you to enter through center. The MC podium is not shown; it sits on stage left against the back curtain.

More Information

Masquerade Director
Sheila Lenkman