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October 2-4, 1998

Collinsville, Illinois (St. Louis, Missouri area)

Located at the Collinsville, IL Gateway Center (convention center) and adjacent Holiday Inn (same location as 1993-97 Archons), just off exit 11 (11 miles east of St. Louis/Mississippi river) on I-55/I-70.


GoH:      Author James P. Hogan

AGoH:   Artist John Sies

FGoHs: Archon 2 co-chair John Novak & Archon 4 chair Shannon Ware

GGoH:  Gaming Author Lester Smith

MGoH: Costumers Ricky & Karen Dick
CANCELLED 29 September - Ricky & Karen Dick will NOT be able to attend Archon 22

TM:         Author Glen Cook

         Author Vic Milán

Plus, Lots of Other Confirmed Guests


CONVENTION HOTEL: Holiday Inn: 1000 Eastport Plaza Drive, Collinsville, IL 62234-6103; 1-800-551-5133 ($82 sngl-quad + tax).
As of August 8th, this hotel is sold out - see "Overflow Hotels", below.

(A few reserved commercial-contract rooms may be available at the full "rack" rate.)

We have the entire Holiday Inn (in addition to the entire convention center), and the con suite will be on the ground floor, with access to the patio for smokers.

The ground-floor wing leading to the indoor pool will be blocked as the dedicated party wing (partiers should let both the hotel and the Archon committee know if they plan to host a party, so we can guarantee a room in that section. NO parties will be allowed on other floors.
For more information, or to register your party online, see

Except for the CON-SUITE PATIO, the public areas of the hotel's first floor will be designated NON-SMOKING.

OVERFLOW HOTELS: We also have a 45-room block at the Super 8 ($42 sngl-quad; (618) 345-8008), and a 35-room block at the (Marriott) Fairfield Inn ($60 sngl-quad for doubles (2 Queen beds); (618) 346-0607). All rates listed are +tax.

Both hotels are on the opposite side of the Gateway Center from the Holiday Inn. The Fairfield Inn is slightly closer, but the shuttle bus, if available, can only stop at the Super 8 next door, due to restricted turnaround space at the Fairfield.

Unused portions of the room blocks for all three hotels will be released sometime in September (3rd for the Holiday Inn, 11th for the Fairfield Inn, and 18th for the Super 8).

ADDITIONAL HOTELS: We do not have room blocks at the following hotels, but they are all right behind the Fairfield Inn and Super 8, and all had some rooms available A/O early July. If available, the wheelchair-capable shuttle bus will also service these hotels.

Comfort Inn ($65 2 dbl beds or 1 King, $85 King or Family Suite (2 rooms?), $100 Jacuzzi Suite; (618) 346-4900)

Hampton Inn ($55 2 dbl beds, $65 King suites; (618) 346-4400)

Ramada Ltd. ($59 1 person, +$5 each add'l person; (618) 345-2000)

All rates listed are +tax.

We had hoped to once again provide a wheelchair-accessible shuttle bus to cover the Gateway Center and all 6 hotels on that side of the highway. However, it appears that we will NOT be able to do so this year. Hopefully, the special-access bus will be able to return for Archon 23, and our sincerest apologies for the lack this year. Anyone needing assistance traveling between the Holiday Inn and the Gateway Center should contact the Committee via the Con HQ location in each of those properties.


The convention will have 6-10 tracks of programing plus the Children's and Grand masquerades, around-the-clock gaming, 3 video rooms (2 of them 24-hour), Friday night dance and meet-the-pro's function, Friday (and probably Saturday) night pool party, all-night filking Friday and Saturday nights, and a dedicated track of children's programing (NOT a baby-sitting service).

We have one of the best art shows in the midwest, and one of the best masquerades anywhere in the country. The Art Show will have its own hall again this year, giving the Dealers Room more table space in the Great Rivers Hall. For more information, and especially to volunteer for program/panel/etc. participation, contact Beth Bancroft at (618) 346-2681.
For more detailed information, see

The Archon 22 Pocket Program

VOLUNTEERS: Sign up now to help out at the con! Let us know if you have experience, or a particular interest, in any specific area(s). Volunteers who work more than 6 hours qualify for special benefits, and more for the Volunteer who works the most hours.
For more information, or to volunteer, contact
Melissa Tenney via the Archon PO Box.

MASQUERADE: Archon has become one of the major costuming/masquerade conventions in the country, and features author Vic Milán as MC. For information, contact Sheila Lenkman & Scott Corwin, 9119 Madge, St. Louis, MO 63144; (314) 961-8972.
For more information, or to register online, see

GAMING: Gaming runs its own, extensive, programing; events this year will include Collectible Card Game tournaments, sanctioned RPGA, Call of Cthulhu, AD&D, and other miniature-based games. There will also be scheduled game demonstrations and introductory game scenarios. Write Archon 22, Attn: Gaming Dept., c/o the PO box, or contact Jon Bancroft, (618) 346-2681.
For more detailed information, see

We are repeating the SCIENCE FICTION/FANTASY-RELATED WEB PAGE CONTEST this year. Any Archon member can enter, and anyone (including non-entrants and non-Archon members) can vote. Each entry must be SF and/or fantasy related in some way, and the winner will be selected by popular vote. All entrants and voters will be notified by email when new contest entries are posted, and may vote multiple times - only the last ballot received from each voter will be counted in the final tally. The winner will receive a small award (last year it was a free membership to this year's con) at the Sunday Brunch Buffet/Banquet, and one voter will also be selected at random for a small prize (last year it was a T-shirt).
For rules, to enter, or to vote, see

MINIATURES CONTEST: The Masters Division has two sections, so there are more chances of winning in that Division. For more detailed information, write Tai Mayford, 2072 14th St., Granite City, IL 62040, or contact Tai Mayford at (618) 877-6412.
For rules and entry procedures, see

PLASTIC MODELING CONTEST: As an experiment, we are instituting a new contest/display for SF/Fantasy-related plastic models. Plastic, resin, etc., scratch-built models, kits, and modified kits are welcome, but NOT models that were purchased already built and decorated. For more detailed information, write Archon 22, Attn: Plastic Model Contest, c/o the PO box.
For rules and entry procedures, see

VIDEO CONTEST: We are also instituting a new contest for SF/Fantasy-related videos. For more information, write to John Mitchell, 4997 Miami, St. Louis, MO 63139, or contact Jeff Finazzo.
For rules and entry procedures, see


Hanging fees are $10 for a full 4' wide x 7' tall panel or 30" x 6' table, $5 for a half panel/table; limit 3 per artist or agent. Mail-in art is accepted if accompanied by reusable packing and payment for return shipping. No store-bought pieces are allowed. Print shop fee is $2 with no limit on the number of different pieces or the quantity of each piece entered.

Junior (under 13) and Juvenile (age 13-17) space is FREE, but is limited to one half panel or table (artists 17 & under may enter art in the main show, but must pay full price for space and the art must be of adult quality).

A 10% commission will be charged on all art show (including Junior/Juvenile), print shop, and resale shop sales (resale shop fees and rules are the same as for the regular art show). For more information, or to reserve panel/3D-table space, write c/o Kay Goode, 6028 Marmaduke Ave., St. Louis, MO 63139; (314) 644-0731.

For detailed information, see

Also see Membership Rates, below.

List of Attending & Exhibiting Artists (so far...)


There will be 80-85 tables - a very favorable ratio for the expected 1700-2000 attendees. Rates are $55 for the first 8' table, $70 for the second table, and $80 for the third; dealers will normally be limited to 2 tables each.

NO memberships are included in table prices, and all workers must have a valid convention badge. For special dealer rate information see Membership Rates, below.

When requesting tables, please specify the number of tables desired, what type of merchandise you plan to sell, and if you require electricity (electricity will be billed separately at the convention center's prevailing rate at the time of the convention; 1997 rates were $15 for up to 150 watt service, and $25 for 150-500 watt service). Advance payment or deposit is not required; if you do not send payment with your space request, you will be billed when you are assigned space, and memberships may also be paid for at that time.

For information, table requests, and payments, write to ARCHON 22, PO BOX 8387, ST. LOUIS, MO 63132-8387, or contact Nancy Wayman, 38 Cloverdale Dr., St. Charles, MO 63304; (314) 441-7882.

List of Attending Dealers (so far...)


Registration: Open Thursday evening, in the Gateway Center
              Friday, Saturday, Sunday hours TBD

Programing: Friday - Gateway Center hours TBD; Holiday Inn hours TBD
            Saturday - Gateway Center 10am-Midnight; Holiday Inn 10am-????
            Sunday - Gateway Center 10am-????; Holiday Inn 10am-????

Open Filking: Friday night, time TBD; Saturday night, time TBD

Video 1: TBD
Video 2: TBD
Video 3: TBD

Gaming Registration (Gateway Center): Friday - 1pm-9pm
                                         Saturday - 9am-8pm
                                         Sunday - 9am-Noon
Gaming (Holiday Inn): 2pm Friday continuously thru 5pm Sunday
Gaming (Gateway Center): Friday - 2pm-Midnight
                        Saturday - 9:30am-Midnight
                        Sunday - 9:30am-5pm

Kompu Kombat (Holiday Inn, ballroom D):
***CANCELLED*** (Kompu Kombat is going out of business)

Art Show: Thursday night setup, 7pm-11pm
          Friday, Noon-9pm (setup ongoing; Reception 8pm-9pm)
          Saturday, 9am-4:30pm
          Auction, Saturday, 5pm-end of auction (open 1 hour after the auction for sales)
          Sunday, 9am-2pm
          Artist Check-Out, Sunday, Noon-3pm

Dealers: Dealer setup Noon-4pm Friday
         Normal open hours 4-8pm Friday, 10am-6pm Saturday, and 10am-2pm Sunday
         Dealer teardown starts at 2pm Sunday

Opening Ceremonies: Friday, time TBD

Artist's Reception: Friday night, 8pm-9pm

Friday Night Dance: Time TBD

Banquet Brunch: 11am-Noon Sunday,
followed by GoH speeches and related ceremonies, gifts, and awards, Noon-1pm

Closing Ceremonies: Sunday, time TBD

Children's Masquerade: Saturday afternoon, time TBD

Grand Masquerade: Saturday night, time TBD

Charity Auction: Sunday, time TBD

Hospitality: TBD



Rates are Professional $250 or Fan $175 for the back cover,

Pro $175/Fan $100 for the inside back cover,

$150/$75 for a full inside page,

$80/$40 1/2 page horizontal or $90/$45 1/2 page vertical,

$50/$25 1/4 page horizontal;

Fan-only noncommercial business-card size ads are $7.50.

The Program Book will be 8.5" x 11", tentatively with a four-color cover by our Artist Guest of Honor. Write the Archon 22 PO Box for four-color back cover price, or contact Rich Zellich , (636) FAN-3026.


Adults are $18 in advance at Archon 21,
$20 October 6, 1997 thru March 31, 1998,
$25 April 1 thru August 31, 1998,
then $30 until September 25, 1998 and at the door.

Kids 6-10 are $7 at any time,
Young adults 11-16 are $15 at any time
(children thru age 12 must be accompanied by an adult member).

Dealers and artists get the $20 membership rate between October 6, 1997 and August 31, 1998 if sent in with their table/panel space payments. If paid separately, the rate in effect at the time of membership payment will apply.

One-day adult memberships are $15 Friday, $20 Saturday, and $12 Sunday (second-dayers can upgrade for the difference between one-day and full membership).

For post-registration information, contact Maureen Davis. On-site Registration will be open from 7-10pm on Thursday evening, October 1st, for pickup of pre-registration packages, and for at-the-door registrations.


The banquet will be a brunch buffet, similar to last year's, but with scrambled eggs instead of made-to-order omelettes, so there will be no long wait to eat! The brunch is also being changed back to Sunday, as it was prior to Archon 21.

The Guest of Honor speeches and guest-gift presentations are scheduled to immediately follow the banquet, but it is not necessary to have a brunch ticket to attend that part of the program. Additional seating will be made available so non-diners may also see and hear the Guests of Honor; GoH speech seating will be opened approximately 45 minutes to an hour after the scheduled start of the brunch.

The price for the brunch will be $11, and please order tickets in advance because only a few will be available at the door. If you intend to pay for your membership at the door, you may still order tickets in advance, and pay for them at the convention when you pay for your membership.


Archon 21 "Monster Movie" T-shirts
S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL: $13
5XTall: $20
(these were not the official Archon 21 con shirts, but the special shirts made for the 50's monster movie recreation spectacular with the Korean War reenactors and the 50' long monster built by our creature shop)

Archon 22 Official T-shirts
These will be available for purchase in the Dealers Room, at Ray Van Tilburg's table.

Archon 13 Posters: $5
(limited-edition Frank Kelly-Freas screen print of the artwork used for the Archon 13 T-shirts; 7.5" x 9" image on heavy 11" x 14" stock)

Archon 20th Anniversary Pin (first pin of the set): $2
(Not mailable, since postage and padded envelope would cost more than the pin!)

Archon 21 Pin (second pin of the set): $2
(Not mailable)

($2 after Archon 22 if any are left)

Archon 21 Program Book Covers: $2
(special flat, uncreased, covers printed for autographing by the AGoH; not printed on reverse; 17"Wx11"H)
(Not mailable, due to 17" width)

Archon 22 Program Book Covers
(special flat, uncreased, covers printed for autographing by the AGoH; not printed on reverse; 17"Wx11"H)
These will be available FREE at the convention, at the Artist Guest of Honor's autograph session.

All prices include postage, except the pins and program book covers.
Pins and program book covers may be pre-ordered and picked up at Archon 22, or may be purchased directly at the con.

ARCHON 22, PO BOX 8387, ST. LOUIS, MO 63132-8387

Visa gif Mastercard accepted


INFORMATION: Archon 22, P.O. Box 8387, St. Louis, MO 63132-8387;

HOTLINE:Rich or Michelle Zellich, (636) FAN-3026 (636-326-3026).


Charity Auction: Judi Cook, 720 St. Nicholas, Cahokia, IL 62206; (618) 337-8845

Fan/Club Liaison: Beth Bancroft, 805 N. Morrison Ave., Collinsville, IL 62234; (618) 346-2681

Hotel & Party Room Liaison: Rich Zellich, 1738 San Martin Ct., Fenton, MO 63026-2304; (636) FAN-3026

Sponsored-Party Liaison: Mary Stadter

Pro Liaison: Michelle Zellich, 1738 San Martin Ct., Fenton, MO 63026-2304; (636) FAN-3026

Security: Steve Norris, 1079 Camargo, Dr., Ballwin, MO 63011; (314) 230-9481

VIP/Pro Guest Liaison (Local Transportation): John Novak, 5705 S. Broadway, St. Louis, MO 63111; (314) 351-3906

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